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About Fine Jewels!

We are the biggest amber wholesaler company in The Dominican republic. We own the finest and biggest amber exhibition gallery in the country and part of the land where the best blue amber grade can be extracted from. We have been servicing companies for over 7 years providing only the best top quality stones and the rarest blue amber (Museum blue amber) in the whole world. Our customers are primarily museum, gem stones galleries, jewelry manufacturers, and amber retailers.

Amber fossils have always captivated gem lovers...

Amber fossils have always captivated gem lovers... perhaps because each stone represents a frozen moment in time, with only the mysterious inclusions to hint at its story. The very rare blue amber intrigues collectors with its unusual colors and escalating value. Contact us for more information about our Amber fossil collection.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide our customer only with top quality Dominican gems stones.
  • We have better pricing, since we are direct sellers.
  • We service as wholesalers and retailers.
  • We have a whole crew working to succeed our customer's satisfaction.
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