Terms and conditions

Products and services described, as well as associated transaction fees and shipping requirements, may differ among geographic locations.

Payment has to be done at all times in US dollars (some cases Euros can be accepted).

We accept bank transfer as a payment method. We will disclose the bank information upon generating payment voucher.

PayPal payments can only be accepted, when the total purchase is less than $5000.00 us dollars in which a 3.5% fee will apply for extra PayPal fee.

The payment has to be made immediately after receiving invoice.

We can secure your merchandise up to 7 days, a non refundable $1000.00 us dollars payment has to be made through PayPal or Bank transfer ( 3.5% apply to PayPal payments).

We make no distribution or solicitation to any person to use our company’s information, products or services as their own to advertise, sell or distribute in our name.

We may, from time to time, introduce new features to our website and company services, or modify or delete existing features in our discretion. By using any new or modified features when they become available, you agree to be bound by the rules concerning these features.


Risk of Loss

We use UPS express delivery and it takes approximately 1 to 3 business days, in some occasions may take longer ( it will depend on the address where it will be ship at).

We offer a second shipping option which is EMS express. USA deliveries will take up to 14 days while other countries may take up to 30 business days to deliver the package.

We will add the shipping fee to your purchase once the invoice is prepared. We do not have a specific amount, since it will depend on the country, city, carrier service and rush options.

If the goods arrive damaged or broken, the loss is on the seller.

Risk of loss shifts from seller to buyer at the time that seller completes its delivery obligations.

If customs takes possession of the goods, then the buyer has the risk of loss, we advice our customers to call your local custom agency before buying any goods. Seller is not responsible for any customs fees.

We are not responsible for the destinations country customs and board laws, customers must be aware of the destinations country law procedure before making any purchase. If the customers doesn’t comply with its law and the merchandise gets confiscated by costumes we are not responsible for it.

We are not responsible if the customers provide the wrong address and the merchandise never get to its destination. Once we get the merchandise back to the company we will be able to make a refund to the customer.