Dawes Jewelry & Co

The company was created by Mr Dawes Tejada (CEO) in 2015, owner of DR Fine Jewels as well. Who had a vision of making designs jewelry using 100% Dominican Amber stones selected and perfectly attached to these beautiful unique jewels.

Mr. Tejada has an Extensive knowledge about selecting the best for the company, as he has been involve in the semi precious gem stones elaboration for year providing DR Fine Jewels customers only top quality and outstanding service.

He studied the market and found out that other companies were selling jewelry very expensive and the quality was not that good.

He decided to create his own design to overcome the quality issues with the other companies. Since he gets the stones from his mines he doesn’t have to pay intermediaries like other companies in order to obtain the Dominican Amber, the prices issues was already solved.

This is how our company was born.


Who are our customers? All type of customers

What is our main service or product goal? Jewelry sales

What is our projection? We are projecting for the future to expand and establish domestic stores.


To be different from the rest of the companies.

We are the pioneer of the Amber industry. Our main distinction from other jewelry companies is that we have original products, our merchandise is 100% natural Dominican Amber, we care for our customers’ needs and make sure we satisfy their needs and expectations. We work hard to provide excellent customer service; we listen to our customers request, ideas and feedbacks.

To help the community.

We will be helping the community by generating more jobs such as maintenance crew, models contracts, artisan job opportunities, and designers.

Executive summary

We are the leader amber jewelry designers company, providing our customers with best quality jewels at an affordable price.

The authentic gems are selected from the top of our best quality stones extracted from our mines in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

our values

Integrity: It is mandatory to the public and every single employee to follow the company’s rules and regulations (ethics).

Team player: We provide an innovative, creative and safe environment by working together as a team.

Excellence: we ask our customer for feedback. That way we can improve, innovate and recreate.

Obligations: We are committed to respond and secure our customers and the company under any circumstances.

Alcohol and drug free work: our employees are restricted from drinking or using any type of drugs during duties hours. This behavior will re-enforce our commitment to our clients and the effectiveness we will service them.

Our Jewelry Products